Organic products as an alternative to chemicals.

Organic products

Organic products

Chemicals in the home. Formaldehyde, the enemy at home.

This pollutant is used extensively for its insulating properties, resistance and low cost of production. It can be found in many everyday items that can cause health problems.

Adverse effects can be detected during a long exposure time to it.

Low levels of formaldehyde can cause irritation to skin, eyes, nose and throat. People with asthma are most susceptible to its effects by inhalation.

Its detection is not easy because its symptoms can be confused with the common cold, flu or some allergies.

It is recommended to reduce their presence to avoid buying items that contain it and replace other items made with natural and organic materials.

The Enemy Within Where?

In cluster or plywood furniture, we can buy solid wood furniture as an alternative, do not have to be new can be recycled are cheaper.

Textile industry in both home furnishings like carpets etc. garments using fabrics stain or wrinkle. Consider buying textiles and clothing made from organic or natural fibers.

Cleaning products, alternatively you can reduce aggressive use of these products and replace them homemade green cleaning products.

Personal care products and cosmetics, many of these products contain formaldehyde, it is recommended to look at the labels and dispose of products containing it. Direct exposure is harmful to the skin for prolonged periods of time.

Handkerchiefs and napkins can be reduced using handkerchiefs and napkins as an alternative.

Hard plastic dinnerware microwave safe, easy to replace crockery or glass.

Snuff is recommended outdoor smoking or better yet quit.

Varnishes and solvents. We recommend using these products mask the open air and ventilate the place used as an alternative to use paints and organic solvents that do not harm health or the environment.

The combustion of wood and gas boilers, emit formaldehyde, to mitigate its effects should have a good ventilation system or to use bioclimatic to heat and cool our home.

According to Greenpeace, in our blood more than 300 synthetic chemicals that were not our ancestors, one of which is formaldehyde.

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