Websites for crowdfunding for the environment

Websites for crowdfunding for the environment

Websites for crowdfunding for the environment

Citizens can finance environmental projects through interesting websites crowdfunding.

Unity is strength, and good funding for environmental projects. The crowdfunding or collective funding is to undertake a project with financial support from a group of people. The idea has spread and several projects are funded cooperatively in many areas including the environment: study Collserola Natural Park (Catalonia), save the turtles of the Pacific, conserve rainwater, artificial photosynthesis research, protect a forest from destruction, planting oaks and many more. Musicians and filmmakers, the first to use this system for over a decade, are no longer the only ones funded by crowdfunding.

Environmental crowdfunding websites
The idea of ​​crowdfunding is based on traditional donations or sponsorship, but the Internet has taken its own personality. Several websites offer specific platforms to facilitate this collective collaboration. Musicians and film makers were the first to implement this system for over a decade. Therefore, crowdfunding websites focused on artistic and creative projects such as Kickstarter, Pozible, or Verkami Ulule are the most common. However, others also offered their space for projects related to the environment:

Rockethub: the web crowdfunding SciFund behind the project, so that scientists around the world to showcase their research and obtain the necessary financing to carry them out. This challenge has involved the Cuban Jorge Mederos, a project to study the Collserola Natural Park in Catalonia and the Spanish Marisa Alonso Nunez, who is based in yeast to study cancer.

Among the projects related to the environment that have been funded, one stands out for the study of sea turtles in the Pacific (3,243 dollars) and other artificial photosynthesis (848 dollars). I still hope to achieve its objective projects to save the coral reefs of Hawaii, to protect the dolphins, explore Serengeti lions, urban butterflies, elephants or corals in the Marshall Islands and its response to climate change. Besides the project SciFund, Rockethub has a fixed category of environment, in which projects are low cost solar panels, a mobile application to calculate the carbon footprint or to restore corals in Jamaica.

IndieGoGo: has categories of animals and the environment. In the category of animals, include projects to save animals, mostly dogs, cats and other pets.

In the category of environment there is everything: some with success as new tools for conservation of rainwater (11,260 dollars), a project promoted by children 5 to 17 years to save from destruction the forest of Williams, Ore. ( USA) ($ 10,001), climb Kilimanjaro for water in northern Kenya (6,250 dollars), send your sponsor to the conference of United Nations climate (3,282 dollars) or a project to protect mangroves ( $ 2,100). Others, while not yet have achieved their goals, are very well placed. This is the case of a research project in Chilean Patagonia, send an investigator to South Africa to study elephants or fight for a ban on shark finning.

Lánzanos: created in Spain, this website also has a crowdfunding environment category. Here you can see a non-profit website to help conserve endangered species, a project to plant oaks in San Sebastian de los Reyes, in Madrid, or to make a field guide with information on where to see birds in Andalusia.

How Web Pages Work crowdfunding
Crowdfunding web pages offer a visible, a community where to find interesting projects sorted by section, during a certain time. To achieve 100% (or more) of the requested funding, Jorge Mederos advised to present a clear its objectives (help publish an explanatory video, move on social networks, etc..), What and how you want to do, and results.

The website states the time and money missing. After the deadline, if the project has achieved its target, it will enter the money in your account. If not reached, donors do not give effect to the amount contributed. As payment offered several systems, but Paypal is the most widespread. Those responsible for the web take a commission of the projects achieved, which can reach 5%.

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